Cash 4 Bags

Recycling Facts

It is estimated that 1.5 million tonnes of unwanted clothing is sent to landfill every year so selling your old clothes to be reused doesn't just help your pocket, it really helps the environment too.

Each person throws away approximately 30 kg of clothing per year; Cash 4 Bags would have paid 50p per kilo this would have accumulated to £15.00 per person.

By recycling your old clothes it help reduce landfill and helps the environment.

Do your bit for the environment and get paid for it.
Recycling is the future! Did you know that it takes over 100 years to break clothing down in landfill! And the amount of waste we throw away 60% of it could be recycled.

The clothes and textiles that we recycle from the UK provides an affordable source of clothing to disadvantaged people in other countries across Eastern Europe and parts of Africa.

In many of these countries it also provides the basis of economic growth by providing employment for much of the population. The goods that are sent there need workers to sort and then transport to market places, providing jobs for the people involved in this process


Cash 4 Bags